Quarantine days ♥️

I have taken up the idea once again to write things. This blogging site was created a couple of years ago by me and I never actually had put out any blog. Today after one month of quarantine,precisely after 42 days,cropped-11-1.jpeg I felt I should try penning down my thoughts because in the current scenario there is alot of hustle bustle, the internet is roaring with memes,articles and pictures. But I have been restless all this while, the fear of an uncertain future or the fear of the unknown is eating up us all. Some understand it with consciousness and many others do not even realise the trauma their brains are subjected to. I am thinking about almost everything nowadays from my future ambition of becoming an MBA grad to my little pimple which doesn’t seem to go away from my face. Also the current global crisis which affected all of us but in different magnitudes. Do not shy away to think of me as a self centred human who amidst of a pandemic where millions are affected, lakhs have died and even more have either lost their livelihood or are soon going to; have actually dared to talk about her petty problems and the world’s pandemic in one single breathe ; because I am one. Oh please, even you are also on the same page. Humans by their absolute primitive nature are selfish, we cannot change that reality but we definitely can try to be more involved with the society and do our bit which many in the world are doing already. Lastly one thing is crossing my mind repeatedly that is while I comfortably write down with a mug of coffee in one hand, about me being privileged enough to be so called less affected by the pandemic and therefore vent out my guilt through this blog, I actually am once again reinforcing my social class and it’s absolute reality where in I get to decide what privilege is and how much I actually should feel sympathetic for them. We have to rise above this binary of ‘them’ and ‘us’ , howsoever impossible that is but let us start somewhere, it’s not wrong to worry for our future or having other selfish desires like preparing ‘dalgona coffee’ or being all decked up in this quarantine and post your make up videos on the internet, or even waiting to visit our favourite restaurants because that is what many of us find happiness in our day to day lives and there is nothing wrong to be happy. I believe to get over the sympathy and be empathetic towards the world is what our aim should be and we should be trying in every possible way to give back something to society, something to this world and I still believe world is not a very bad place to live in as they say because till date many human beings are the reason why humanity still is striving. Looking forward to a better day, a better future. May the world recovers from this deadly virus but the question remains, ‘would the world ever be disease free?’ The disease here is a metaphor which refers to all kinds of inequalities that exists between the haves and the have nots. Nonetheless keep posting your cooking videos and and start reading that novel you always wanted to, just don’t forget to be grateful for what you have and try to show compassion and it is my mantra these days and for most of my days.

11 thoughts on “Quarantine days ♥️

  1. You are too magical, Rajlekha. I am so glad you thought of getting to writing because you do it so simply and so well. I’d keep waiting for your other posts. 😀


  2. An another masterpiece, I came across. Pieces like this, are definitely playing a role for motivating writers like us. Keep it Up ! Keep writing , so that we can live that journey of yours through your words !🤩

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