Anywhere door – just a fantasy?

It was my favourite once upon a time, I guess I am still not over it and you also should not be.

I saw my little cousin watching cartoons and anime this afternoon and suddenly my eyes glued to the Tv as I saw a ‘Doraemon’ episode being aired. I all of a sudden started wondering what if I really had an ‘anywhere door’? I could have travelled through miles of distances in no time and could see any part of the world, any blue sea and green forest and even the snowy mountains. But I know it’s far away from the reality, anywhere door is nothing but an abstract thought in a child’s anime. I was just going to flicker away these random thoughts and once again realisation struck me. What if we actually travel through miles every now and then and we do not even recognise it? What if we actually could be present in any part of the world just by lying in our cozy comforter? Oh, it’s no rocket science you just have to pick up the book,the novel, the auto biography or the journal kept next to you.

You would notice the next time you start reading a piece you actually would find yourself to be one character from the book itself. As I always have believed there is no absolute reality, because reality is what we perceive it to be. I have seen the star studded night sky from the Eiffel tower, I have walked through the narrow lanes in London and I have also heard the load roars of a majestic jaguar in the Amazon. Hey I never left this country for once and I would not even say that I have imagined reality a certain way which is actually just in my mind because our brains tend to categorise things in the world. We simply cannot process our minds without having an essence to everything. All of us travel mentally to our pasts and even alternate realities every day I believe, the memories we hold on to are nothing but a kind of ‘anywhere door’ which moves us to places and moments which cease to exist apparently but we re-live them. The idea of teleportation is fascinating, it romantisizes the ultimate realities of life , more significantly even death. In our thoughts we can visit those who are not a member of the material world anymore or even to those who never breathed their life outside the pages of  a novel. I am, but certainly not someone who believes in arm chair philosophies wholly, I think to travel around in this physical world is to get one self enriched with the various narratives of the natives. We can travel miles in our head but by listening to one dalit woman about her daily life and her burdens or one astronaut who has returned from the space, we might be able to hold a more constructive idea of their micro reality which is although intangible yet concrete. But in times of struggle, when the mind wants some fresh air and seeks freedom, where we do not have the scope to even travel to the adjacent neighborhood amidst the world’s pandemic, I find that it is the best to enjoy what is there inside our cupboards with a layer of dust above, ‘The books’. My favourite pieces are the classics of Dickens, Thomas Hardy’s novels, Shakespeare’s plays, O. Henry and Oscar Wilde’s works,Sherlock Holmes series and the cute, funny yet informative comics – Tintin.

If not already read, start today itself 😉

These days I believe it is the time for us to prep ourselves with different cultures and varied ideologies. We need to sit back and start revisiting our lives’ decisions and moralities. So I guess ‘an anywhere door’ is present in absolutely everyone of us. Let us all travel to wherever our heart wants to and create more stories of our own, and stay there as long as we want.

7 thoughts on “Anywhere door – just a fantasy?

  1. This is what gold standard writing looks like… Beautiful and extremely lifelike… Reading this reminds me of my many adventures I had experienced through the portals between the pages of my favorite books…

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  2. It was just eye-catching, and a sheer appreciation to your thoughts and mature writings, through which you potrayed your ideas in a way, that will certainly be inspiration for the readers. Keep motivating us through your words. Keen to listen and live a journey through your words more !!

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  3. This blog is probably the one, I have read after quite a long time. It’s an elegant article yet very simple to understand..! I believe many would like to read more of your writings as I do..! Expecting many more beautiful articles from u..!😍😍😜

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    1. Thank you so much for such inspiring words. I hope to get better with each passing day. Keep supporting and don’t forget to share my work. Lots of love❤️


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