My Dog can talk😍

Happy says, “My momma tried to make me wear a pair of socks but I seem to disagree.”

I am a momma of a girl pug. Her name is Happy. She is weirdly given an apparent male name because names inherently have no gender assigned. We call her Happy because she brought us all the happiness in the world. I believe all the parents of dogs and cats know the secret that they can actually talk. Nobody shares this with you but today I would reveal the mystery of my Talking Pug. Every morning when she wakes up (obviously before I do), she comes and tells me to feed her breakfast. I ask her to sleep a bit more but she never listens and pleads for her biscuit treats. Although in denial but I actually get up and and put 4-5 biscuits in her bowl and she further requests to add a couple more. I confide with her anyway. When I am just about to sip in my coffee she comes again and demands coffee for herself and when I tell her that coffee is not good for her, this time she actually listens. I am telling you guys, she is a smart girl. She spends the rest of the time chilling in my couch and she is very particular about the AC 😂. But she gets cold so I need to keep a comforter for her in the couch else she thinks I am not caring enough. One fine afternoon I was busy watching a series and it crossed 2:30 pm on the clock and I was still engrossed with the series. I saw Happy coming to me with her bowl and she expressed her anguish that she had been starving and how could  I be so careless. I told her ‘sorry’ and gave away my chicken leg piece with some rice and gravy for lunch. I guess she forgave me instantly because she was wagging her tail and was also smiling at me when I picked her in my lap and said ‘sorry’. Also she loves licking my face and she says those are her “pug kisses”.

Happy is still talking to me here, she said, “Let me kiss you momma”♥️ she is also wearing red today to twin with me😅

Her biggest complaints are about me leaving the house for work and how she feels lonely left behind and has nobody to talk with while I am away. She therefore had striked a deal with me that when I leave the house either my brother or my mother has to stay back home with her and play with her stuffed toys, also she needs someone to pet her every 10 minutes or so. She told me that she misses my father alot and she is waiting to meet him when he comes back from Odisha, his work place. I have promised her that father would get her favourite calcium bones to practice her biting skills.😂

Happy wanted to share her thoughts so she says, “Momma did my photoshoot today 😁. I don’t understand why hoomans wear clothes, thank God she did not force me to put on pants. Also don’t scold her as my nails are not cut. She couldn’t call the uncle who cuts my nails as we are quarantined for 45 days now and I being a messy puggie don’t let momma cut my nails.”

The recent thing she told me this morning that she hates being locked up in a room when a stranger turns up, and as today a couple of men came to repair our refrigerator she found it disgraceful to be locked away. She even said that she was ready to sign on any paper that she doesn’t bite any human neither other dogs or cats. She asked me to inform everyone that she is well vaccinated so they should feel safe to pet her. I assured her to not lock her away again because she is a family and those who don’t love my family are not welcome at my place. But then again we have people who have genuine fear of dogs and she seems to understand that and has agreed that she would not try to lick any stranger unless they come up to her. I told her to complete her day time nap and now she is sleeping in her cozy comforter and I am sure she is dreaming about me because she loves me the most in the world or may be I am her world. ❤️ Perhaps human kind is so anthropogenic that we assume everything in the world just revolves around us, she might just be dreaming of her dinner and not about me as well. Whatever it be she is a little ball of joy and I think of her as an individual being with distinct personality of her own also I shall forever be indebted for the unconditional love she gives. I guess dogs are angels on earth. Please adopt a fluffy girl or boy and you would experience love in it’s truest form. But I still hope she is dreaming about me. 😅

Happy wanted to sleep on the floor with the comforter and her wish is always granted anyway.😅😂 Also her favourite stuffed tiger and calcium bone don’t leave her side.

17 thoughts on “My Dog can talk😍

  1. One of the best thing that I got on internet today.
    Thanks for sweet description which made me feel like I should also adopt one ‘Happy’ soon😍😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey thanks for your lovely comment. I hope to write better content everyday. Keep supporting. Share it as much as you can. Lots of love ❤️ and do adopt one Happy.


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