The black pearl set – 2nd episode

It’s a Sunday morning so Nidhi is ritualistically making breakfast for Abhishek. He likes it when Nidhi cooks something special for him.

Life in Germany is different, intially she had troubles in adjusting to the climate but now after being shifted here for 7 odd months she has accustomed to almost every change.
Abhishek’s project is moving with a rocket’s speed, he hardly manages time for Nidhi. Their Germany tour is still missing. Abhishek had been planning for an exotic honeymoon but that plan also keeps delaying due to the project’s work.
The house which is alloted to Abhishek by the company is a two storeyed bungalow with a beautiful garden in the front which is bordered with white fences and a little kitchen garden at the back. Nidhi loves gardening , infact she loves this house. She decorated each corner of the house herself.

Before her marriage she lived in a two room apartment with her family and the space crunch started when her brother got married. She never saw life in abundance, here her own house is so huge that sometimes she wonders how many 2 room flats can be fitted in this bungalow. She wants to show her house to her mother and father although she has done that hundreds of times in the video calls. She was day dreaming about her life back in India and then she hears Abhishek calling her for his morning coffee and breakfast. It is already 9 in the clock.

Abhishek – Nidhi; Nidhi where are you? Please bring my coffee and decrease the heater’s temperature, also get my specs from the study table.
Nidhi enters the bedroom in her navy blue satin night wear. And Abhishek says, ” You are looking so gorgeous with that diamond pendant. Thank me I got you the most expensive piece from the store.”

Nidhi smiles at him and gives him his morning coffee and alu ka parathas (potato stuffed fried tortillas) with some curd and coriander chutney.
Abhishek asked her why she didn’t have the green chutney in her plate. He forgot that Nidhi has an allergy to coriander.

Nidhi informed him that Liza would not come to work that day and therefore she is going to cook lunch and dinner as well.
She continued, ” Liza has a party with her college mates tonight, I asked her to take a leave for the day. She was so happy for the reunion and she got a beautiful blue dress for the occasion. I gifted her that black pearl set which Nita aunt had got me for our…
Abhishek exclaimed, ” What!!? You gave away that black pearl set which my aunt had gifted you? How can you be so careless about things? Grow up from your middle class attitude, here people don’t give away their old artefacts to their maids, besides would you be ever able to buy one such pearl set yourself?”

Nidhi was mum for a while and then she replies, ” I don’t look at Liza as my maid, she is a friend now. I didn’t give her away my used artefact, it was packed all the time. I thought I had similar pearl sets at my disposal and I could gift one of them to Liza. I just gave away something which was mine and you are…” Her face was red by now and her teary eyes glistened while she looked at the sun rays falling through the large window panes.
Abhishek mocked and said, ” Stop being so dramatic Nidhi, you know very well that I could bring you another pearl set any day you wish and that is why you have become ungrateful for things. Also that pearl set was not yours, it was gifted to you because you were married to me that too by my own relative. What did you have before marriage? Your family sent you off with a couple of gold necklaces that too of 14 carat. Anyway I have work to finish unlike you. Start doing something productive Nidhi , it’s high time. Please go and turn on my geyser and get my towel and that green t shirt.”
Abhishek left the room.
Nidhi picked up the plates and got up. Her eyes got moistened when she looked at the red stones studded gold plated hair pin kept on a shelf of an open cabinet. Her father had got it for her 18th birthday.

She closed the cabinet doors and went to kitchen to do the dishes and cook pork curry for Abhishek’s lunch. She doesn’t eat pork so she shall cook some eggs for herself.

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