How to look like a beautiful angel?

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Have you ever being told that a girl living two houses down the street, looks like an angel? Or did you ever call a woman an angel, and she was flattered? Have you ever waited for someone to come up to you and say, ‘ You are as beautiful as an angel’ ?

What is an angel? How does it look?

An angel is the messenger of God who takes care of the life on earth on his behalf, as per a certain idea of the mythology. But here when we talk of an angel, we strictly denote the attributes of her physical appearance. She, (yes ‘she’; an angel is a woman because someone somewhere said so) has a radiant white colored skin, long brown hair touching her hips,a pair of big blue eyes and an enchanting smile. Her body is petite with long arms and slim longer legs. (Thank goodness someone did not ask for the wings for an ‘angel like’ women because mythology talks about angels having wings, I guess we have become very scientific to not expect wings clipped on to women’s bodies) .

Why is it important to talk about angels?

When we refer to someone as an angel, most of the times we do not intend to talk about the basic skill set an angel is supposed to possess, but we are happy to call someone an angel who has a fair skin, slim body and captivating smile. Also very importantly, angels are fragile, they although are messengers of the God, yet they need a male human to survive (mythology is really incoherent, I see). Therefore, women who want to be ‘angel like’ should not only be beautiful as per the ‘angelic terms of beauty’ but also have ‘some’ characteristics of a real angel. For example being kind, being innocent or naive. Being extremely forgiving and being fragile enough to be dependent on the men of the world. Also, if you possess some super powers like cooking a delicacy within a minute or two, then you shall be a ‘certified angel’. Certification by the ‘patriarchy of the society’.

Angels really existed or not, that is not the question we would dwell into. In my belief, it’s more important to deal with the ‘how’ question than the ‘what’ question. The point is not about the reality of presence of an angel, but the point precisely is to know how to ‘become or not become’ an angel of today.

When I look into the mirror each morning I wake up, I see a pair or medium sized black eyes, bright wheatish colored skin with minute brown spots of various shapes and sizes. Sometimes I need to welcome few pesky pimples on the top of my nose as well. I try to smile a captivating smile and end up looking funny with disoriented set of teeth. My arms are not long enough and I have my thighs thicker that the angelic standards.

But don’t you wanna know, how I still manage to look like an angel?

I look beautiful like an Angel, because I love the angel inside the mirror. With the spots and blemishes on her wheatish skin, she still looks radiant. Her disoriented set of teeth looks funnily beautiful, if not captivating enough; when she smiles. I love her because she is just one of it’s kind. I see no other angel like the angel living inside my mirror. She does not ask anything from you, but your acceptance and validation.

Each one of us have our angels right inside our mirrors. She shall forever be trapped inside, unless we embrace her and pull her out of the chains that forbid her to breathe under the sky, in her own skin. To look beautiful, first of all one needs to go straight way to the mirror and gaze into the glass. Then, you find a beautiful angel who is either smiling at you or making faces, it depends upon how beautiful you find that angel in your mind. The day you choose her to be yours, you stop complaining to God for not sending you a better angel, and never think for a second to have her replaced by any other angel in the world; is the day you truly become an angel yourself.

Beautiful men out there, I know you think, there are no angels inside your mirrors, because ‘angels are women’ or to be angelic, is to be feminine. But remember what I wrote earlier, ‘someone somewhere said angels are women’, but that someone somewhere was miserably wrong.

We all have angels, our own angels who are trapped inside the mirrors. Our aim is to unleash their chains and free them from the claustrophobic environment they live in. Dear men, just like angelic women need not be slim and fair (but many angels definitely are so, just like many are wheatish, many others are dark), on a similar note, angelic men need not be tall and mascular. If you are big or small, fair or dark, muscular or skinny, slim or fat; your angel is the most beautiful part of you.

The binary of the fair and the dark or the beautiful and the ugly, is a constant struggle, we as a society have faced, and shall face for another eternity. But like all other binaries of the world, it is difficult to break the established dichotomy of ‘beautiful’ and ‘not beautiful’. The beauty spectrum is huge with it’s infinite possibilities. Just know that you have your own position on the spectrum and always remember that the spectrum is not a hierarchical one, where the positions lie from the top to the bottom, it never was as such. We all lie at different points in the beauty spectrum, men-women and others, we are all, a little or a little bit more different from one another because our Beauty is Personal, it is not repetitive. You are your kind of beautiful, as they say.

Now if anyone thinks that it is a made up story about an angel living inside the mirrors, then I must tell you that ideas and imaginations cannot ever be unreal. They are real, always real in our minds. Give it a try, smile at the mirror, gaze at the face you see in the front, and say it in your mind, ‘My angel is the most beautiful in the world ‘. And one fine morning you shall see that the angel lives no more inside the mirror and is now living inside of you.

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