Exotic Crab Recipe

Amidst an active whatsapp group
And pictures of new delicacies,
A perplexed Shruti was in dilemma
Between Bony’s cerelac,
And his monthly dosage of insulin.
Pandemic days seem forever
When she counts the last ‘100’
From the savings.
A waitress, a woman and a Single Mother she is.

She glares at the hanging frame that Carried Bony’s father,
She pulls it down and throws it hard,
Breaking on the ground.
Restless she, bends in to touch her Man,
For she couldn’t let him leave, Once again.
She cuts her finger from the Broken glass and blood drips on The man’s scars,
She sucks her finger and a new Message pops up on the group chat,
‘Check out my Exotic Crab Recipe’.

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