Carryminati and his Tiktok roast

Another most trending topic after the boys locker room is
Carryminati and his tiktok roast’. Well right now we know that the particular video which had the highest number of likes in 2 hrs, also which could have been the most liked non music video on YouTube, is taken down and shall not be restored again because apparently many people reported this video.
To talk about what was there in the video, in brief, it was a roast video by Carryminati, where he was in particular roasting a popular tiktoker named Amir Siddiqui. According to Carry, most tiktokers, though he stresses on saying just ‘tiktokers’, have no creativity, there isn’t any hard work in their platform as there is in YouTube. Well I have no interest to dwell into this particular argument because I don’t find this problematic, it’s his own opinion which makes him think that ‘YouTube is better than tiktok’, even you and I, might agree to it. Even if we don’t, then too it’s absolutely fine if he finds watching tiktokers a wastage of time. Although I believe that tiktok as a social platform has broken the barriers of class differences to an extent because now making videos and posting them on social networks, no more remains a practice of the elite classes. I find this as a major plus point of tiktok.

All over the internet, the majority of opinions support Carryminati’s roast video and people are saddened by it’s removal. Their justification of liking Carry’s video is flawed and funny at this point. They say, ”What is wrong in abusing? What is the problem if someone uses slangs that have a monther-sister connotation attached?” Well even I do not find this problematic, abuses are really important to understand the inherent psyche of a society. What are slangs in actual? A few words or phrases which have been used to denote or demarcate a particular understanding which is derogatory as perceived. By reading the slangs, we very easily understand the taboos in a society, for example from the slangs like mother-fu*ker, bastard, son of a bitch, whore, etc we understand that incest is a taboo, therefore someone who is a mother- fu*ker is a disgrace to the society, similarly one who is a bastard is apparently a son of a bitch because a bitch doesn’t know whose child she is bearing. A whore has multiple sexual partners, and it’s against the ‘pure woman’ concept of this society. We in our everyday have normalised such slangs, because we unconsciously have internalized that this is what is considered to be ‘bad’, therefore even in trivial conversations with people or friends we use slangs amongst us. This in a way is a trial to negate the derogated value of the slangs.
Carryminati uses 2-3 slangs in each of his sentences, and that doesn’t bother me as I explained in the above paragraph. But I am elated that his ‘most liked video’ has been taken down by YouTube.
I have no issue with his abuses, neither I have issues when he calls ‘tiktok’ an inferior platform compared to YouTube. Although there are many amazing creators on tiktok as well. On a personal level though, I love to watch YouTube, and not tiktok.

I have 3 important issues to address in this context which made me dislike Carry’s video and also makes me satisfied when his video is taken down.

1) He addressed the man, ‘Amir Siddiqui’ who is a popular tiktoker, as ‘beti’, which translates into ‘girl’. Throughout his video he called Amir as ‘beti’ numerous times. It’s highly misogynistic to call a man as a ‘woman’ in a trial of insulting him. Why does Carry think that calling Amir as a girl (beti) would be really insulting to him? Why is being a woman or being womanly is a slang? Phrases like, ‘Be a man’, ‘ Don’t cry like a woman’ and saying a woman, ” Hey you are so daring like a man”, is derogatory to womenkind.
A man can be threatened so easily by simply attacking his masculinity, by calling him a less of man, a ‘beti’? In hindi films a dialogue is popular, “Chudiya pehen rakhi hai kya?”, It translates into ”have you been wearing bangles”? This is used in a context where someone tries to insult a man, and implicitly says, how to be not woman like, who wear bangles and one who is a ‘damsel in distress’, also it is advised how a man should ‘man up’ and so on.
Even many parents say, ‘She isn’t my daughter, she is my son. I do not differentiate between sons and daughters’. This very sentence re establishes the binary of men and women, and their gendered roles. Carry legitimised this sexist and misogynist understanding of the society where rampantly men are abused by calling them ‘beti’ or woman.

2) Carry said in the video, ”How to address someone as fat? Should we not call a fatso a fatso? Take this as a joke please.”
This way he bluntly normalised bodyshaming. His words were so problematic and insensitive that I can’t fathom what’s there in his mind when he says crappy things like this. He made a joke of bodyshaming and says that life is a bitch, and it shall always be so. Therefore it is okay to bully someone who is dealing with obesity, by calling him fat. By this logic it’s okay to again laugh at someone who is anxious about his darker skin tone. This is straightway normalising bullying via body shaming. I cannot support this. People spend their entire lives in depression because they were bodyshamed.
3) This is my last argument against Carry’s video, he himself was bullying the man Amir, under the facade of roasting. There is significant difference between a roaster and a bully. He dislikes Amir or tiktok, that’s his personal opinion. Even I am not fond of tiktok or Amir at all. But that gives us no right to bully him that too by re-establishing problematic norms of the society.

Lastly those who are saying on the internet that Carry had done lot many streamings for charity in Assam, Bihar and Australia, I am in awe of your mental integration now. How come one ‘good deed’ of us legitimise another problematic and wrong deed? It’s like saying that, ”I have donated 10 crores in my charity, so stop blaming me for killing 2 people on a sidewalk”
You shall be called out each time when you say something problematic for the society. Also I have no hate for Carry, he capitalises on people’s emotions, as people in general are misogynists and body shamers. It’s you and me who need to change for the betterment of the society. It is never cool to bully someone, and it is the basic that we should have understood by now.

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