Alternate realities!

The woman showing you the diamond neck piece in the jewellery store never owned a diamond herself!

The house maid cooking you the Nawabi biriyani had never tasted it in years!

The man at the bank who gives you the money is under a severe debt!

The post man delivering letters to you has not received a letter from his family in months!

The lady who was the registrar of your marriage had her divorce a month back!

The doctor who saved your life couldn’t save his wife’s!

The man who drives the school bus and takes care of your child has memories of weeping on his son’s death bed!

The nanny who mothers your child could never have her own children!

The paralysed man in the park who stares at you when you do your morning walk, was a state level athelete once!

The rose plants you took a picture with were nurtured by a woman for 50 Rs a day.

Our everyday consists of different people and their situations, even though we meet but our realities are intangible for one another! We might be in association with the same or similar things but their consequences in our lives are dramatically different. We can never know what the person next to us is dealing with or has dealt before, therefore it’s our responsibility to be full of gratitude and warmth in our lives!!

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