Pen friends!

Two of them had never met.
One lived in Kolkata and the other in Udaipur.
They were culturally distinct but emotionally alike!
They shared books, movies and even their recipies.
One’s sorrow was the other’s dismay!
One’s triumph was the other’s joy!
Little heart breaks to mother’s nag,
Passing matric to getting married,
They lived it all.

Two of them had never met.
They knew whose child had broken a tooth and who ate the mud!
Their husbands were alike too, they only ate and slept in the wife’s place!

Fine wrinkles covered the eyes, and hair had started to grey!
Their children were grown ups then, One had hair till the waist, the other had a moustache worth a gaze!
The friends started writing in 1950 and wrote till they were nearing the 50s!
There were no more letters after that.
Their pen friendship had ended then!
Only because one fine morning both the children united the friends!
Tears of joy glistened in the Orange sun of the Delhi sky!
They met someone for the first time, whom they had known forever!

They chatted and laughed and cried, And laughed a little more!
Walking along the market lanes of the City,
The friends shared an ice cream cone,
The cones vaguely reminiscent their childhood. Ironically though, they shared their First ice cream that very day!
Soon realising they had gone too far And it was time to get back then!
They turned around and heard,
”No, I want your mango ice cream, you have the strawberry one please”

The two friends had smile in the corner of their lips,
‘A new friendship was in the making’
They had met that day!

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