Siblings ❤️

7 years apart we are!
I touched the teens when he was merely a kid!
Though occasionally anxious by the shared attention in the family, I thoroughly enjoyed his company.
We fought for the TV’s remote once upon a time.
Now we fight for mobile hotspots when WiFi seems to die!
From being a mother’s spy and informing her my early school crushes, to being my friend and confidante, he has come a long way!
There were days when we fought for the last chunk of a chocolate bar and now even the lays tastes better when shared together!
I taught him chess when he was 7, he still cannot teach me to solve a Rubik’s cube. We therefore know who the better teacher is!
He rates me an eight or an eight and a half while he relishes the last bite of my delicacy, but still criticises and says why it cannot be a ten on ten recipe!
He pushed me to watch the marvel series and I loved.
He pushed me to read the fat books of Harry Potter and I loved.
He only failed when he wanted me to play Pubg!
He says he doesn’t like my blogs and I am predictable, but never fails to read them with his glittery eyes behind the square glasses!
I wish distance never comes in between us,
But I know there shall soon be a time, when we leave for our destinies!
I shall make sure we still live closer and be back again under the same roof,
Chattering, laughing and playing!
For I think, brothers are the best in the world and he undoubtedly is my first ever love!

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