Love ♥️

They say you fall in love just for once and the rest is compromise!

They say your first love is your real love, rest is just life!

They say, someone was their true love and someone else wasn’t!

But I guess love happens to us everyday, every moment of our lives. To live is definitely to love! We meet several people throughout the journey of our lives, many do not walk with us till the end, but leave their marks forever! Even if it was for a second, it was our love. There isn’t anything like true love, because love in it’s basic form is ‘true’. Relationships may break and people might move on, but that doesn’t make their ‘love’ untrue! But we also should remember and acknowledge the ‘love’ that stays with us, the love that makes us grow everyday! If our first love was the only true one, then we would never have fallen in love again!

All of us shall find the love which would follow us throughout the journey of life! We just need a tiny amount of patience!

5 thoughts on “Love ♥️

  1. Tiny amount of patience was very fruitful for me. 🥰 well written, thoughts are matured enough.You are genius !


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