Lost moments

Time; as we know is irreversible. Every moment as it comes and then leaves forever.

But sitting back today in my hostel room, I just remembered that this very day, 2 years back I was at my home, in my comfortable bed arguing with my mother about what she had prepared for lunch. I was denying to eat ‘machher jhol’ ( a typical bengali fish delicacy). Whereas today I wish to have the same dish for lunch.

Our lives go on and as we cross moments which are lost every second, we fail to realise that they are actually never lost. They remain in our thoughts, though intangible but very much real. If 30th March 2019 I was denying something, I can actually crave for the same on 30th March 2021. If ‘the today’ is real, does that deny the reality of the past??

It doesn’t, but what it actually does is, makes us feel that we are trapped in the circle of time. Anything that we go through, we imbibe that within us, we grow and become a newer self every moment, every day!

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