Lost moments

Time; as we know is irreversible. Every moment as it comes and then leaves forever. But sitting back today in my hostel room, I just remembered that this very day, 2 years back I was at my home, in my comfortable bed arguing with my mother about what she had prepared for lunch. I was … More Lost moments

Love ♥️

They say you fall in love just for once and the rest is compromise! They say your first love is your real love, rest is just life! They say, someone was their true love and someone else wasn’t! But I guess love happens to us everyday, every moment of our lives. To live is definitely … More Love ♥️

Siblings ❤️

7 years apart we are!I touched the teens when he was merely a kid!Though occasionally anxious by the shared attention in the family, I thoroughly enjoyed his company.We fought for the TV’s remote once upon a time.Now we fight for mobile hotspots when WiFi seems to die!From being a mother’s spy and informing her my … More Siblings ❤️