Who am I ?

Hi, I am Rajlekha Bhattacharyya and I am a student of Sociology and currently studying in Presidency University, Kolkata.

                                           Being a Bengali woman I have deep rooted nostalgia for the Bengali culture and kolkata but I had been lucky enough to have studied in several different states of this country so I am really fascinated by the cultural variation india contains. I want to share my thoughts, my daily life and sometimes my short stories through this blog. I hope to be insightful to you guys in some way atleast and wish to learn more through the journey. I am a bubly girl with little dreams, a girl next door. I love make up, shopping and even cooking also. I look at life, I think of it and I want to talk about the things that intrigue me.

Keep reading my blog and one fine day u can actually read me.❤️