Pen friends!

Two of them had never met.One lived in Kolkata and the other in Udaipur.They were culturally distinct but emotionally alike!They shared books, movies and even their recipies.One’s sorrow was the other’s dismay!One’s triumph was the other’s joy!Little heart breaks to mother’s nag,Passing matric to getting married,They lived it all. Two of them had never met.They … More Pen friends!

Alternate realities!

The woman showing you the diamond neck piece in the jewellery store never owned a diamond herself! The house maid cooking you the Nawabi biriyani had never tasted it in years! The man at the bank who gives you the money is under a severe debt! The post man delivering letters to you has not … More Alternate realities!

What if?

Stuck in the mayhem of memoriesOne realises it’s futility.This could happen or that could happen,But the matter is, ‘what had happened’. You can’t rewind the flow of timeOr you can, just in your mind?Time is a loop and you are the  mouse who runs around the little wheel but never gets to reach the hung … More What if?

Rainbow in a hospital room ðŸ³ï¸â€ðŸŒˆ

A Sunday noon the telephone ringsLittle Niru who played around,Excited she, picks up the call.On the other end her father announced,”Your brother is born”. That very moment she was already on cloud 9She imagined tiny fingers and a baby’s sweet unconscious smile.Her father came home, while she wore her pink frock and glass slippers.He took … More Rainbow in a hospital room ðŸ³ï¸â€ðŸŒˆ

Exotic Crab Recipe

Amidst an active whatsapp groupAnd pictures of new delicacies,A perplexed Shruti was in dilemmaBetween Bony’s cerelac,And his monthly dosage of insulin.Pandemic days seem foreverWhen she counts the last ‘100’From the savings.A waitress, a woman and a Single Mother she is. She glares at the hanging frame that Carried Bony’s father,She pulls it down and throws … More Exotic Crab Recipe

The India Pakistan border- a Fiction

Days after the 1971 India Pakistan war, the small village of Hussainiwala, in Punjab border, still faced troubles to sustain it’s livelihood. After war effects are unimaginable to fathom for those who never had been in such devastating situations. Starting from escalated price rates for absolutely everything essential, to difficulty in running small businesses, and … More The India Pakistan border- a Fiction