Reminiscence of my school days♥️

A picture from my 9th standard in Kendriya Vidyalaya. Identify me 😂🤞

I remember waking up one fine morning and starting to talk all in Tamil. My parents were awestruck because their 5 year old daughter was suddenly fluent in a language which is not native to us. My father was posted in Tamil Nadu at that time and I apparently had learnt Tamil from the neighborhood where I used to spend alot of time. I have fragmented memories in bits and pieces of that time, though I very well remember that a potato is called “urulai” in tamil.
                                 Cut to the second plase of my childhood, where we travelled to Chhattisgarh and I spent my early school life there. Fond memories of a Bihari household where we stayed as tenants is still afresh in my mind. I learnt to eat chapatis with pickles there and I still like it alot and also the Chhat puja was a big deal in that home. In school we spoke in Hindi and almost instantly I forgot all of Tamil my little mind had managed to learn and I learnt Hindi instead. I have beautiful glimpses of my baby brother in that rented house. He used to wave at me from our balcony on the 1st floor when I came home from school. One morning I woke up with talks at home about how near Odisha was from our home town, ‘Kolkata’ and how easy it would be to travel.                                                                                    So we had to be shifted to a new place called Jharsuguda. I had learnt to read and write Odiya there. The culture there was so similar to the Bengali culture that we could even talk in Bengali without a trouble. Nonetheless I had to speak in English because I was enrolled in a Convent school. I made my first friendships there, I remember going to that school in 5th standard and how it felt to join a class where people are already friends for a good 4-5 years. I felt out of the place and wanted to get back to Chattisgarh but those thoughts went away soon when I started to belong to the new place. Life was indeed smooth. It was just school and school friends and back to my family. I had to bid good bye to my group of friends when I left for Chhatisgarh once again after my 7th standard final exams as my father was once again transferred back there. The last day at St. Mary’s ended by eating ”barf ka golas” – “sweetened ice balls”with a close friend. I still have to return her that 5 bucks she gave me to buy the golas.
                   But my happiest and strongest memories of friendships are going to be from the next phase of my life. I got enrolled in Kendriya Vidyalaya or the Central school in the 8th standard at a place called Balco in Chattisgarh. Life was taking a turn because I was hitting puberty I guess. It was all rosy and beautiful. In no time I was all over the place, among friends, among teachers, just at the heart of the school. I made some solid friendships which till date stand tall and we all still have a whatsapp group where we send messages almost every day. There is so much to say about this school but I choose for the readers to imagine how beautiful life could be for a ‘new girl’ in town who was loved by all. Our only worry was exams and assignments and which friend would sit with which friend in class. Those golden days shall remain in our hearts forever. I remember a day when it was raining cats and dogs and although we were students of 10th standard by then, we didn’t think twice to jump into a puddle of water and danced in the rain. The board exams were soon over and I had to leave my dearest school, my friends and my town for my +2 studies in Kolkata.
                            It was the longest journey I ever had, I remember listening to sad songs throughout the night in the train in my walkman. I have lost it now. I reached kolkata, ‘the city of Joy’. How ironic it might sound but my hometown was the most distant place for me to live in at that time. Although born in Kolkata and have had frequent visits to this place to meet my grand parents, this place still was not mine. I craved to get back to Balco, the phone bills exceeded ₹2000 the first couple of months and I was a little scolded in the family. My 11th and 12th happened in Kolkata and it was for the first time I tasted freedom in whatever sense I could comprehend then. Primarily having a personal phone, getting to meet with newly formed friends outside of schools, watching movies together, eating out frequently and what not. Very soon I accepted my reality that was I had to be a native to Kolkata and so organically Kolkata accepted me back. I never for a second felt that I was not brought up here. Days months and years went by and I stepped into adult hood during this period. But I couldn’t feel any extra wings being attached on my body after becoming an adult. I was adulting I guess, since my teenage. The chemistry lab experiments and breaking of test tubes, that never ending trail of getting a proper result from the optics experiment and the roaring laughter in the classrooms and also the dozens of pens I had borrowed from a friend to write in the class which are long lost now, but he keeps asking me to return them; along with the illecit joy of bunking school for trying out a special chowmein get away in Park Street are the moments we still cherish and always will. My school life ended with a cake being smashed on our faces. The last time we wore our uniform, I do not have a picture of it. Not everything can stay in photographs. The most beautiful of the moments have no evidence other than pure memory which we would carry to grave.                                            Throughout my school life I travelled across states, schools and different people, some of who are now my friends. Each time I thought I belonged to a particular place because I lived there and I shall never belong anywhere else, I was absolutely wrong. I belong where I have my people; no place, no school could have an inherent essence to claim my belonging there. But people can. Even if people change, circumstances might differ, relationships end but the stories still stay back. I am an optimist because I have experienced life in it’s real sense. I have had betrayals, good byes and even sour encounters but what I actually remember when I sit to write down about my school life is all the beautiful moments I shared with people around. I didn’t mention details of my academics here because when I look back I guess the everlasting achievement of mine throughout these many years is how many people can actually smile when they hear my name. I believe, you cannot make everyone happy but I also believe that you can choose to remember the happy moments you had and further grow in life. This is pretty much my not so little summary of my school life. I would write about my college days in some other day. Today let me just flip over the pages of my old slam book and smile for a little longer.

She is studying law now. 😅
She is really an engineer now. 🤞😅😍
She is a budding lawyer as well😅🤞
I wish her to fulfill her childhood aspiration😍😅